*We are hiring 15 new people*

About our brands:

Renegade Radio: Core business of the group, is our core website where we have also a Radio Station that is been listened during the programs between 4000 and 20000 people depending on the time, language and program.

Renegades Magazine:

We have 25.000 downloaders every week during the events season. All our events are secret and only the premium users know the place 12 hours before, but is assured that they are not faster as two hours with car. The medium ratio of entrée to the events is 85%.

Normally these events brings the 40% of the global profit of the group.

Now due to the pandemia is a tool that helps to maintain our loyal customers, and promote new music to be acquired by users. In May Portugal is opening to raves and private events as Brazil, so we will start again, our worldwide events. This is pure a Marketing Tool developed internally.

It is an underground and FREE magazine with 78% share in Spain Norway, Island, Moscow, Portugal, France, Japan & Korea. A simple 30 pages Magazine that helps us to virilize our events, to introduce new artists from our team, and sell their music until we can organize big events again, our where we share new ideas and every edition is totally different. Let you surprise…..

Renegade Record Label (RRL)

(25% of the global profit of the company)

About Renegade Rec Label (RRL): This is one of our areas or working from an independent point of with, totally underground. RRL is 100% focused on electronic and experimental music innovation.

Our main goal: To promote new talents under the supervision of our team, but not influencing artists, just providing them our opinion and experience. They are free to compose and manage their sounds. As we work globally over the main scenes in the world, we are open to receive proposals, study them and see If we can help you.

We work with 67 artists from 45 different countries.

Our services for artists:

Looking for Live Sets all around the globe to promote the artist brand.

Design and maintain the artist website, social media & relationship with press.

Management of the artist as a part of our collective looking for events & festivals

After a period of 6 months, If the artist quality is stable, we agree with the Artist to sing with our Label, we produce an LP, and we are in charge of promoting It through the right sales funnels depending on the artist: Analogic format Vinyl / CD, and through all the main on-line music stores, depending on the style.

Once the LP is recorded, mastered, edited & distributed ON and offline, we organize presentations with press, and a presentation tour to the most appropriate scenarios to the artist music, always covered under our brand and team of producers and DJ’s.

OH Dynamic Solutions:

Our 360º Digital Marketing Agency, that provide support to all the rest of brands, but also has It’s own clients with an income every year +- 500.000 euros. So the 25 people who are in charge of this project are self financed.

About the founders: 20 years organizing events all around the world, Producing music, etc…. our AKA’s Do’B, Dicasto, Macabeu and Noex

About the Job description:

JOB DESCRIPTION: Sales & Account Manager

At OH Dynamic Solutions & Renegades Magazine & Renegade Radio we are in looking for 15-20 people to cover different geographical areas and different market segments worldwide.

Do you want to join a multidisciplinary team, learn, contribute, manage your client portfolio?

Job Description:

Are you good with sales? Do you like the world of the internet and social networks and do you know digital marketing? Do you like music, art, underground culture? Will you be motivated?

Do you feel comfortable in the sales area and are you eager to go out and contact companies after this confinement?

We are looking to expand our Sales & Marketing department in some destinations where we already have teams, and to open new destinations as Panamá, Hong Kong, Panamá, Sidney, Buenos Aires Join our team!
Destinations more demanded:

Mexico DC
New York

● Minimal studies; Bachelor’s degree, Masters will be valued.
● Minimum experience in the sales & marketing area of ​​5 years.
● Work remotely via CRM, Word, Power Point and Excel.
● Essential language English, other languages ​​will be valued depending on the geographical area in which you are located, for example if you are in Berlin, German is essential, if you are in Paris essential French ….


Fixed salary + bonus over sales 40% every year
Time flexibility 100%
Travel expenses paid by the company
Continuous training by the company
Business mobile phone, PC and tablet
Private insurance
Free entry to the main world music events such as Sonar, Tomorrowland, Diynamic, etc …

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