Parallel Events

Dear friends, Tonight was a really nice, for one side we have enjoyed a session Engram B2B DO’B without using pre listening nor SYNC in Manacor – Mallorca – Spain. At the same time but in Buenos Aires Daio one of our members and his sister, were presenting the project Pagana’s DJ’s B2B. Engram B2BSigue leyendo “Parallel Events”


Here you can find a visual session of two minutes made by Alber, one of our members, we hope you enjoy ! During a live session or event, our visuals are more dynamic and coordinated with the music and light shows. A selection of visuals that we use in some of our events… Only 2Sigue leyendo “VISUALS”


Today Engram DJ & DO’B have recorded 58 minutes, 120 BPM, session special to celebrate that Engram is joining our Team as an official member. En Engram has a really nice background and meets our way of life and work 100%. That’s the main reason why OH Dynamic Solutions is proud to welcome him toSigue leyendo “DJ Set ENGRAM B2B DO’B”

New Downtempo residence

Today some of our collective DJ Alber & DO’B, have started a new afternoon residence at Bistro SaVolta in Manacor, Mallorca every Saturday evening from 19.00 hours until 23.00 hours. But the most important thing is that residence is not exclusive to the DJ’s so to the brand, so every week we will combine differentSigue leyendo “New Downtempo residence”

DJ Daio from Argentina

Dj Daio was born in 2019 as an expression of madness and dedication to vinyl for love,although from the age of 11 they nicknamed me, so I combined it with this passion since my recentI begin to mix music and share my being. I arrived to Mallorca in 2017 with the idea of ​​becoming aSigue leyendo “DJ Daio from Argentina”

“The london club fabric”to introduce ‘strict’ no-camera uses to customers

London club fabric is introducing a “strict” no-photo or video policy for attendees”. “fabric is London’s home for underground music,” reads yesterday’s social media post, “always aiming to create a feeling of self-expression on the dance floor… Stay at the moment and put away your phone, enjoy the night.” The policy will only apply toSigue leyendo ““The london club fabric”to introduce ‘strict’ no-camera uses to customers”