Tribute to DJ Sideral

Vergés was born in Barcelona in 1973 and all his life he was involved in various artistic projects: as a young man he studied piano, guitar and bass, and collaborated as an instrumentalist in various bands. Later he became interested in electronic music and in 1994 he began to play techno at Sala Nitsa, later […]

We are a group of professionals with a common passion: Disseminate new trends in electronic music. We don’t want to be the best electronic music platform, but we want to be a unique platform. We have denied commercial music for many years now, and among our team there are music production professionals, excellent DJs and […]


We are proud to present the new project by Engram, one of our founding members, REC.OR.NOT. This project is the second evolution of the project 3DE2.ES, stopped due to external reasons. Here you can find some sessions and podcasts by Engram, focused on this project. We wish you All THE BEST !!!!! ENGRAM!!!

ENGRAM at work

Today we are proud to present you the last published session by one of our founding members, Engram. Recorded with passion, good music and perfect technic, do not lose the time, listen this mix and enter a new world. Booking & Press: + 34 602 37 29 77 or click here.


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