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Hola soy Santi Huertas, he trabajado durante 20 años en multinacionales, medianas y pequeñas empresas. Por otra parte he sido formador en diferentes Universidades y Escuelas de Negocios. Te doy una calurosa bienvenida a nuestro blog de conocimientos, aquí encontrarás todo tipo de información acerca de Marketing Digital, SEO, SEM, SMM, email Marketing, Afiliación, Content Management, Copywriting, Revenue Management, CRM y comercialización electrónica. Bienvenido/a!

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Twenty-one new sessions by DO’B

Here you can find twenty-one new sessions by DO’B, mixed between the 11th August and the 24th of September. In this occasion, all the sessions are free and available in Mix Cloud.

We are a group of professionals with a common passion: Disseminate new trends in electronic music. We don’t want to be the best electronic music platform, but we want to be a unique platform. We have denied commercial music for many years now, and among our team there are music production professionals, excellent DJs andSigue leyendo


We are proud to present the new project by Engram, one of our founding members, REC.OR.NOT. This project is the second evolution of the project 3DE2.ES, stopped due to external reasons. Here you can find some sessions and podcasts by Engram, focused on this project. We wish you All THE BEST !!!!! ENGRAM!!!


Here you can find some compositions by NOEX, one of our founding members. These songs are an advance of the Kohlipe Kollektive LP that we will launch ate the end of October 2021 titled: E X P L O R I N G T H E N O R T H P O L ESigue leyendo “NOEX”

Parallel Events

Dear friends, Tonight was a really nice, for one side we have enjoyed a session Engram B2B DO’B without using pre listening nor SYNC in Manacor – Mallorca – Spain. At the same time but in Buenos Aires Daio one of our members and his sister, were presenting the project Pagana’s DJ’s B2B. Engram B2BSigue leyendo “Parallel Events”


Here you can find a visual session of two minutes made by Alber, one of our members, we hope you enjoy ! During a live session or event, our visuals are more dynamic and coordinated with the music and light shows. A selection of visuals that we use in some of our events… Only 2Sigue leyendo “VISUALS”

“The london club fabric”to introduce ‘strict’ no-camera uses to customers

London club fabric is introducing a “strict” no-photo or video policy for attendees”. “fabric is London’s home for underground music,” reads yesterday’s social media post, “always aiming to create a feeling of self-expression on the dance floor… Stay at the moment and put away your phone, enjoy the night.” The policy will only apply toSigue leyendo ““The london club fabric”to introduce ‘strict’ no-camera uses to customers”


Erika de Casier selects old and new favourites. RIKA DE CASIER | PHOTOGRAPHY: PETRA KLEIS | STYLING: CAROLINE GUDMANDSEN | MAKE-UP / HAIR : AYOE NISSEN18 JUNE 2021 Erika de Casier is on the cover of Mix mag. Read the cover feature here and check out her exclusive Cover Mix playlist below “Here are some new songsSigue leyendo “ERIKA DE CASIER”

Sama’ Abdulhadi: Palestine’s techno champion

Known as the “queen of the Palestinian techno scene”, Sama’ Abdulhadi was becoming internationally recognized as a powerful force in dance music until a gig in Palestine late last year went terribly wrong, threatening not only her career, but her safety and freedom. An artist as determined as she is talented, Sama’ is fighting forSigue leyendo “Sama’ Abdulhadi: Palestine’s techno champion”

Experimental session

SESSION titled “ARTIK” recorded AT THE PLACE – By DOB and Sponsored By VANS. Here you can listen a 1 hour 24 minutes session mixed by DO’B. An experimental session mixing different styles of Techno, Electro, Progressive, House & Minimal Techno songs. Songs from different years from 1990 until 2021. So you can listen aSigue leyendo “Experimental session”

Renegade Radio

Passion for electronic music Contact We are renegades from usual electronic music, If you are a Renegade feel free to join our community. Add What we Do Radio station Podcasts Events Interviews Secret Raves Private events 24/7/365 Streaming – Live Sets, Interviews, thematic programs, live events, tutorials…


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